Bonding With Your New Rat

Bonding With Your New Rat

Note: Before you adopt a pet rat (or rats) make sure you have an appropriate cage, bedding, water bottle, food, and wood chews (from a pet store) ready for him.


When you first bring home your new rat, it is very common for him to be scared or shy, after all, your home is a totally new place full of unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells that he is not used to. It is best to leave your new pet in a nice clean rat cage (with appropriate bedding, fresh water in a water bottle and some quality rat food) that is kept in a quieter part of your home for the first 24-48 hours while he gets used to being in a new place. The loud noises and activity in your house may make him feel more scared and should be kept at a minimum while he is adjusting to being in a new environment. It is also important that you keep your new rat quarantined from other rats/pets for about 14 – 21 days to ensure that no illness is transmitted between your pets and be careful to introduce them correctly to ensure they will get along with each other.


During those 14 days, you can begin bonding with your new little friend and help him to feel more comfortable. If your rat is a baby (12 weeks old or younger), you should be able to gently pick them up and hold them and socialize with them. If they are older or if they are afraid you may have to take a slower approach. Begin by speaking kindly to your rat and letting him get used to your presence, your scent and your voice. Try just laying your hand in the cage. Don’t try to pet him right away, just let him smell you and get comfortable with your hand being in his space. Then you can move on to offering the new rat treats from your hand. Don’t worry if he won’t take it from you at first, as you build up trust with your new pet, he will begin to take the treats from you. Never offer treats through the cage bars as that will lead to biting behavior issues. Do not try to force your rat to interact with you when he is not ready, that will definitely set things back. If your rat won’t take the treat from you, just try again later, eventually he will get more curious than frightened and will give it a try.
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When your new rat is comfortable taking the food from your hand offer the food to them at the cage door (with the door open) and see if he will come to you for the treat. Once he is comfortable doing that, you can start trying to gently pet him and stroke his back. While you are petting him, if he shies away from you, let him retreat… remember you are building trust, you do not want to force yourself on him. If he accepts your petting him see if he will crawl onto your hand. If he is comfortable with that you can gently pick him up – making certain to hold him in a supportive and firm way but not too tightly or aggressively. If your rat begins to act scared, gently put him back in the cage and give him a treat for the experience. Repeat this trust session everyday until he is comfortable with you holding him. If you give up and leave him alone for too many days, you will have to begin the process again from the start.
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When your rat is happy to be held by you, take some time each day to spend time with him, give him treats and play with him. If you have more than one rat remember to bond one on one with them and not only in a group. Once they are used to you and trust you, they will enjoy spending time with you outside of the cage.
You can also try some training techniques with him. Rats are very smart animals and can learn to do many of the tricks that dogs can do!
How To Tame Rats:
How To Introduce Rats:
Rat Activities:
Rat Tricks:

Naming Your Rats

The Best Rat Names!

Find your rat the perfect name.

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So you have a new rat, or two, or ten… and you are having a hard time trying to decide on just the right name. Well never fear, I have some great tips for you to help you choose a great name for your new rat babies!
Whether you have new rat babies or have just recently adopted an older rat, the act of naming the new pet helps us to feel connected and to feel like that pet really does belong to us and is now a part of our family. Choosing just the right name is not only fun, but important for us to feel bonded with the new addition(s).
It helps to get to know your rat babies, what kind of personality do they have? Some may be soft and sweet or energetic and playful while another may be more subdued. Others may be extra curious and some are definitely daredevils. Having a good idea of what kind of personality you see in your pet rats will help you to get started thinking of what kind of names will best fit.
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Studies have reported that animals typically respond best to names that are one or two syllables long, and it likely that your rats will be able to learn their name if it is easy for them to recognize. Try to settle on one name and maybe one nickname… rats are highly intelligent pets and will learn their name more easily if you just stick to one name so they are not confused and will catch on quickly that this word is what you say when you are talking to or about them. You can even train your rat to come when you call their name!

Some sources for great inspiration for names can be your favorite, books, movies, anime characters, or video game characters. A quick google search can give you some rat name ideas as well and there are many good websites that have lists of great pet names. Searching for the origin of the name you choose can add additional meaning  and insight.  Whatever name you choose, take your time an find a great name that will be meaningful for you and your pet. You are going to make a lot of memories with your rats and their name is a big part of that experience.

Some of my rat’s names:
Girls: Sally, Shippo, Sango, Nessarose (Nessa), Elphaba (Elphie), Yuna, Jillie, Bijou, Rio, Rin
Boys: Riku, Koga, Uno, Link, Pyewacket (Pye), Templeton, Pinky
What are some of your favorite rat names?
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New Babies in the House of Mercury

Welcome our three latest additions to Mercury House Rattery, Templeton, Bijou and Rio!

We got these gorgeous babies from Ohana Rattery in Pueblo and just know that these little ones are going to make for wonderful additions to our rattery.

Templeton is a darling male Russian Blue Rex with a super sweet personality.


Bijou is a beautiful Russian Blue, dumbo, Rex, bareback female who has an adventurous spirit,


and Rio is a lovely Mink Dumbo female who is very calm and easy going.


We will have many more pictures of these little ones as they grow up over the next several months.

How to Adopt: Waitlist No More

Hey guys! This current litter (August 2016) will be the last litter that I will be having a wait list for. I believe it will be much simpler for me to just post available litters and set up adoption dates with a first come first served basis. That being said…

rat clip art

The next litter is planned :) and if all goes well I will have some dumbo rex and dumbo babies available in October 2016. I will update as things progress, and will include pics of our mated pair, so if you are interested keep your eye on the Facebook page. I will also post pics of available ratties on the page. As always, rat babies are adopted in same sex pairs.  I have an adoption contract that you need to fill out and bring with you when you pick up your ratties. This contract is to ensure that the rat babies go to good homes and adopters know what rats need to be well cared for and healthy; and to outline the risks that go along with adopting a pet rat. Over the rest of this week I will be editing the site to reflect the updated adoption process and contract. I will also be posting some helpful information for new rat parents. I believe this will make the adoption process much simpler for everyone.

New Babies – July 2016

Well, good news! Shippo and Sango have both had their babies and they are cute, cute, CUTE!!! All dumbos, still waiting to see what kind of coloring, but I expect Sango’s babies to be Agouti varieties and I hope to see some blue babies from Shippo, but they are only one week old, so we will have to wait. I will take pictures of available rat babies soon, but for now here’s a peek at Sango’s dozen, squirming around on some newspaper while I cleaned out their mama’s nursery cage.


Some of Shippo’s babies:


Meet Yuna

We have several beautiful dumbo, rex and dumbo-rex ratties. Meet Yuna, our two month old black-self dumbo girl.


Yuna was born in April 2016 and was originally adopted out to a family as a pet for their children. She was returned to her breeder after about a month when the parents said that their children were not interested in her. In that time she was not handled much and was a little shy. She was then offered to me, because I was looking for a black dumbo rat and Yuna’s breeder knew that. Of course we snatched her up and brought her home. We already had a couple of her siblings, so she got along with them right away and was very happy and comfortable in her new home. Over the next several weeks we started to think that Yuna was more than a little shy, as she was consistently scared of us and would not even take a treat from us and could only be picked up if we chased her around the cage with our hands. We think that maybe the children who had her before had handled her too roughly. It took some time and trust training, but we finally started to see Yuna come to us on her own and ask for attention or treats. We are super happy to have her. She is a curious, sweet little girl with super huge, adorable dumbo ears!  She loves playing with her sisters and her favorite treats are cheerios and chocolate chips (which she only gets once in a great while).

Next Available Litter 2016

Excited! Our current mated pair are Miroku (male) and Shippo (female), both beautiful blue hooded dumbo rats. The next available litter should be born around the beginning of July 2016 and then available for adoption 6 weeks later in late August. I will post here with updates as things progress🙂 We will post any available babies on the FB page and on the “Available Ratties” page, after they are about 4 weeks old. Remember, they don’t go home with you until they are 6 weeks old.



2016 Litter Planned

Our next dumbo rat litter will be born at the beginning of July 2016 with babies available about 6 weeks later (late August 2016). We will only mate a sire and dam after we have enough people on the wait list. So if you would like to be on the wait list, please “like” and message us on our Facebook page! We do not accept requests via the wordpress website. You must message us on Facebook to get on the wait list.


Our boys: Uno, Link, Koga and Riku


About Mercury House Rattery

Mercury House Rattery is an AFRMA member breeder and a closed home rattery in Colorado Springs, CO! We breed rex and dumbo pet rats for appearance, health and temperament. We only raise PET rats for adoption – no exceptions.

2016-07-22 13.39.26-2

Adoption Fees:
These rats are PETS not feeders.

Currently the adoption fee for dumbo rats starts at $30 pair/$15 single to $40 pair/$20 single for Rex rats (single rats will be adopted out only for special circumstances – rats should not be raised alone). Adoption fees are higher for some special colors and types and will be clearly posted when those rats are available for adoption.

Wait list: We do not have a wait list anymore. 
If you want us to hold a specific rat for you from our available ratties page, you must pay the adoption fee in full and pick up your rat from us (in Colorado Springs) within one week of the date that they are available to go to your home. Message us on our Facebook page to adopt, and we will then PM you with the details.

We only have a limited number of litters a year and we will post on the blog and on the Facebook page when we are expecting babies to be available.

Rat babies are homed in same sex pairs unless you have an acceptable situation, which we will determine when you contact us. Rats are social animals and must not live alone. Baby rats are not reserved for you unless their fee is paid in full.

Adoption Contract:
We will email you a questionnaire and an adoption contract, which must be signed and returned to us with your adoption fee before you will be able to adopt from us.

All adopters must be 18+ years old or your parent or guardian must accompany you to pick up your rat. You may be asked to present ID to verify your age.

Adoption Fees:
Adoption fees are non refundable, so be sure you want the baby rats before you pay the adoption fee. If you request specific rats, pay the fee and then change your mind, you will forfeit the fee. We do not refund the adoption fees for any reason, so be very sure you want the babies before you pay the fee.

Forfeiture: Losing the fee and the rats

  • First of all, make sure we have good contact information for you so we can notify you when your rat babies are ready to go home with you.
  • If you change your mind please message us and we will do our best to find a good home for the rats you had reserved.
  • If we can not contact you, you will forfeit your rats and the adoption fee.
  • If you have paid the adoption fee for specific available rats and do not come to get them within one week of their available date, we will assume you changed your mind and you will forfeit your rats and their adoption fee.

All the baby rats deserve a forever home and are more likely to find that when they are small. We will adopt them out to another home if you do not come to pick them up in a timely manner. You need to keep in contact with us so you can get your rats on time.

Sorry we do not ship ratties at this time. If you get on the wait list be certain you can pick them up from us in Colorado Springs when they are ready to go home with you.